Selectmen, Assessors, & Overseers of the Poor

The Frankfort Selectmen meet on Monday nights from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. If a holiday falls on a Monday, the Selectmen will meet Tuesday at 6:00 PM. The Town of Frankfort Assessors will meet at various times through out the year.

Vaughan W.  Littlefield
(Term expires March 2024)

(207) 299-6309

Michael Shaw
(Term expires March 2026)

(207) 735-3037

Evelyn P. Adams
(Term expires March 2025)

Selectmen email address:

Town Clerk

Heather McLaughlin

Town Clerk email address:

Tax Collector

Heather McLaughlin

Tax Collector email address:


Heather McLaughlin

Treasurer email address:


Heather McLaughlin

Registrar email address:

Road Commissioner

Jeff Anderson
(Term expires March 2024)

Fire Warden

Jeff Anderson

Emergency Management Agency Director

Joseph Watson                                                          (207) 223-5266

Public Health Officer

Jacob Gran

Animal Control

Daniel Joy

Code Enforcement Officer

Randy Hall

Plumbing Inspector

Randy Hall

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