Town Parks and Recreation Areas

Veterans’ Memorial Garden

Located on Main Road South beside the Waldo Pierce Reading Room.


Mendall Marsh Park and Boat launch

This is the former site of Mt. Waldo Granite Company.  Where Mt. Waldo granite was processed and shipped out by sea to construct many historical sites, to name a few; The Washington National Monument in Washington D.C. as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Solider in Washington D.C.  The site still contains a shipwreck which can be seen at low tide on the south end of the park. In the center of the park is a boat launch, to which the Penobscot River can be accessed.

Located at the Bangor Road/Mt. Waldo Road intersection.


Frankfort Baseball/ Soccer fields and playground

Located on the Loggin Road beside the Town Sand and Salt shed.


Hiking Areas in Frankfort

Frankfort Town Forest

The town owns a forest of 1440 acres which is bounded by the Marsh Stream, Loggin Road, Hamm Road and Indian Hill Road.  The forest can be accessed on foot at the gated dead end of Indian Hill Road and a gated entrance on the Hamm Road. The forest contains many logging trails and is a great location for hiking.


Mount Waldo Quarry

The town owns an abandoned quarry site of 107 acres on Mount Waldo.  It can be accessed by foot at the gated dead end of the Mt. Waldo Road.  The site contains multiple hiking trails. The quarry is dangerous and swimming is not allowed, due to many underwater obstructions.

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